Hannes Rauhe

Hi there, I'm Hannes, a passionate database developer currently working at AWS. Before AWS I designed and implemented database systems for 12 years at SAP. In my free time I work on various small and short-lived software projects that you can find on Github. In addition I'm one of the hosts of the German radio show "Chaos im Radio". As a big fan of free and open source software, I try not to use proprietary plaftorms, so feel free to follow me on Mastodon.

If you are looking for my PhD thesis, that's here: Finding the Right Processor for the Job - Co-Processors in a DBMS. While I was working on the thesis I also blogged on notapaper.de (the articles are archvied on GitHub).

If you want to contact me, you can use my PGP key.

Randall (xkcd.com) signed his book for me